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Nathalie C
via Google

We absolutely love Sky Eagle and Master Bae! Our daughter has been taking the Korean Ultimate Defense (KUD) class and we could not be happier with the different real world self defense technique that she has learned. Master Bae is a phenomenal instructor and I highly recommend Sky Eagle to anyone who is looking for a high quality TaeKwonDo classes.

Justin R
via Google

Sky Eagle TaeKwonDo has been awesome! This summer 2 of my kids attended their summer camp and had a blast with something different every day and fun field trips. Now they are part of the after school program which has been great. I like that they get a place to do their reading and homework after school and a TKD class to get some of their energy out.

The staff is the best. Master Bae is a great teacher, my kids have fun and she is very encouraging while still keeping everything structured. Ms. Sarah has been the best, she keeps everything humming and maintains a very positive atmosphere yet still has time to answer all my questions. They have been so welcoming to my family, even my 2 year old who loves going there and watching his sisters. We are glad to be there and you should definitely give them a try if you're looking in the area!

Brandon W
via Google

I have taken my daughter here for a year now and it has been nothing but fantastic. Mrs. Sarah and Master Sunok Bae run a tight ship and really care about their customers. They immediately took Covid very seriously and have implemented a lot of procedures to keep my child safe. I highly recommend this business.

Ray A
via Google

Ms. Sarah and Master Bae gave our, then three year old, son an opportunity to take a trial class before fully committing to enrollment. They were so great and patient with him that first trial class that he's now not only enrolled full time, but he's been consistently going 3-4 times a week since November of last year. Not only has he been enrolled with Tae Kwon Do classes but with summer camp as well.

In the past nine months we've seen his self-awareness and self-confidence sky rocket. Their patience with younger students have clearly rubbed off on him as he practices the same patience and self control towards his much younger brother. Because of Sky Eagle's lessons on concentration and respect, he has excelled in his listening and behavior skills for Pre-K classes and various social gatherings. Master Bae has instilled great self discipline in him which we see him practicing on a daily basis as we rarely have to tell him what to do. Even with all of her students, Master Bae amazingly continues to devote all of her time to them and Ms. Sarah speaks to each and every parent to update them of their children's progress to create a school with a more personable experience. This isn't a school for just dropping your kids off and picking them up.

Ms. Sarah and Master Bae have been great, not only to our son, but our entire family. Our son has made countless friendships there and being the youngest in the classes, we've been so grateful seeing how everyone has taken care of him and looked after him anytime he is there, including the other students. Sky Eagle TKD has not only made a lasting impression on our son, but a lasting impression on our whole family. Our son enjoys going there daily and you can see the admiration in his eyes when he speaks about Master Bae and Ms. Sarah. We look forward to continuing to keep our son enrolled at Sky Eagle and will enroll our youngest as soon as we are able to.

Amalia S
via Google

I have so many good things to say about Master Bae and Ms Sarah . First of all my son absolutely loves Sky Eagle! They are super welcoming and very professional. Last year I enrolled my son because I felt like taekwondo would help him open up more. He was so shy and refused to do anything new but Master Bae took her time to understand him and made him feel comfortable . Now he has so much confidence! I feel like Master Bae and Ms. Sarah go above and beyond for each student. I highly recommend Sky Eagle TKD!

Holly C
via Google

Master Bae is masterful with the kids and a phenomenal TKD practitioner. She brings out the best in everyone and makes them better than they ever thought they could be. Master Bae teaches her students to achieve and do more with the best TKD instruction possible. She is magic with the kids (and adults). Class times are flexible and your aren't locked in to a schedule, which made it easier to accommodate other after school activities and obligations. My whole family (kids and adults) achieved our black belts from Sky Eagle and the whole experience was positive. We still continue to practice and perfect our craft with her.

Jules T
via Google

We love Sky Eagle!! As soon as kids arrive, Sarah greets everyone by name! She is warm, friendly, and outgoing - and her ebullient personality sets the kids up for a fantastic lesson. Master Bae is phenomenal - patient with little kids; she takes time to explain forms and moves, and is very knowledgeable in her field. I love that the program stresses knowledge of Korean phrases, and emphasizes good citizenship in and out of class. My 8 year old, who so far was very picky about various sports, fully threw her energy into TKD. She even practices daily at home! I cannot recommend Sky Eagle enough! We are so happy we found them and look forward to many years at the studio!

Wendy K
via Google

Sky Eagle is top notch. Signing our son up for Tae Kwon Do (TKD) classes and summer camp at Sky Eagle was one of the best decisions we made. Everyone who works there is great. Master Bae is unlike any other instructor we have met. She is passionate, caring, and authentic. Master Bae works with every student and genuinely cares about them and their growth. She sees a student’s potential and has a way of bringing out the best in them. Ms. Sarah is always there to greet each parent with a warm and friendly smile and makes everyone feel welcome. The staff works hard to keep the kids entertained and engaged. During day camp, the kids participate in a variety of fun activities throughout the day that encourage physical, mental, and character development. We are beyond satisfied and would highly recommend Sky Eagle to anyone looking for TKD instruction or school age childcare.

Jayna Y
via Google

We love Sky Eagle TKD! Master Bae, Sarah and the staff are professional, friendly and caring for every child that comes through their door. My son has improved tremendously since starting here, he is better behaved and more disciplined and now working towards a bo belt. Master Bae does a great job working with each student to perfect their forms.

I appreciate the time and care that they have invested in my children. My children love going to Sky Eagle, they are also a part of the before and after school program as well as the summer program. They are always excited to show me the things they worked on when I pick them up! Highly recommend!

Max H
via Google

To start, Sky Eagle Taekwondo doesn't need my endorsement because it is the hidden gem within Woodbridge/Manassas area when it comes to Taekwondo. From the communication (really responsive/keeps us well informed), values, progress, and interpersonal skills given from Ms. Sarah and Master Bae are irreplaceable. My son has been at Sky Eagle for one year and has shown tremendous growth. In ways of responsibility, respect, friendships, skills in Taekwondo martial arts, and just overall development (and he's only 7 years old. He has the before and aftercare at Sky Eagle). Sky Eagle is not over crowded, managed with care and discipline. Master Bae and Ms. Sarah has the kid's best interests at heart, and if you were like me a year ago, looking for a place for your child. - this is the place. But I'll end this review as I started.... This place doesn't need my endorsement, but I recommend it to anyone reading.

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